Paris Climate Agreement Signed…Now What?

Posted on April 25, 2016

Last December, history was made in Paris when 190 countries adopted an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. History was made again this past Friday, when approximately 175 countries attended and signed the agreement in New York. After years of consideration, an international climate policy framework is now in place. You might be thinking, now what? Our answer: technology must now lead the way.

To achieve a lower carbon world, we must advance the technologies that provide the solutions. We know a lower carbon world is possible because UTC has developed the technologies to help get there, like:

  • Jet engines that are 16% more fuel efficient than prior jet engines
  • Commercial air conditioning chillers that are 44% more energy efficient than the industry standard
  • Elevators that turn gravity into free energy, reducing power demand by 70%
  • Food refrigeration systems that reduce food waste to feed more people while lowering greenhouse gas emissions

We also know a lower carbon world is possible because we’re achieving it ourselves. Since 1997, we’ve tripled the UTC revenues while reducing our water usage by 57% and our greenhouse gasses by 34%. Sustainability works, and we’re proud to go further.  Our 2020 sustainability goals represent a new challenge, to develop innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing, facilities and products. Looking forward, we’re on a trajectory to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050 to support the UN climate goals. We’re proud to do our part and follow the lead set by many world leaders this past week.

Working together, we can move the world forward.


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