Ten Facts You Might Not Have Known About World Green Building

Posted on May 11, 2016

Green building continues to double every three years, according to Dodge Data & Analytics.

Green building continues to double every three years, according to Dodge Data & Analytics.

If you follow the green building movement, you probably know that its growth is on an upward trend. But did you know that global green building is expected to double by 2018? A report released by Dodge Data & Analytics® revealed this prediction, with survey respondents projecting that more than 60 percent of their projects will be green.

The 2016 World Green Building Trends report is full of comprehensive survey data on green building trends in countries and regions outside of the United States. What I think makes this report most valuable is the scope of the survey data – more than 1,000 survey participants – building professionals – from 69 countries participated.

I encourage you to check out the full study as well as the regional reports. In the meantime, here are ten things you may not have known about green building worldwide:

  1. Green building activity continues to double every three years globally, continuing the trend seen in the 2008 and 2012 reports.
  2. In the South America/Caribbean region, the top social reason for building green is to encourage sustainable business practices.
  1. Generally, European respondents noted the importance of reduced energy consumption as an environmental reason to build green. Energy reduction is selected as the top factor by 71 percent in Germany, 71 percent in Poland, 65 percent in the UK, and by 78 percent of the other European respondents, compared with 66 percent globally.
  1. The rapid growth of green building expected in the next three years in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East/North Africa region is largely in the commercial and institutional sectors. The percentage of respondents who expect to do more than 60 percent green projects is projected to double to 40 percent by 2018.
  1. Personal health is emerging as a major driver for green development in Australia. 
  1. Mexico is leading globally in terms of expected green activity in the commercial sector. Financial benefits are the key drivers for building green in the country. 
  1. Singapore is poised to be a leader globally in four sectors for green building in the next three years:
    • retrofits of existing buildings
    • new commercial construction
    • new institutional construction
    • and new high-rise residential.
  1. In China, several environmental reasons for building green were selected as among the most important:
    • reducing energy consumption
    • protecting natural resources
    • improving indoor air quality
  1. 49 percent of respondents in South Africa consider reducing water consumption an important reason to build green – more than China, India, North America and Europe.
  2. 51 percent of respondents in India consider creating a sense of community as among the most important social reasons for building green – 22 percent higher than the global average.


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